In order to maintain high standards of care it is important that parents are aware of the following terms and conditions:-

If you wish to enrol your child please confirm you have read and accepted the terms and conditions and complete the enrolment form.


The day nursery cares for children from 3 months to 5 years.


The normal nursery hours for all day and sessional care are as follows: –

Full day            08.30 – 17.30

Morning           08.30 – 12.30

Afternoon         13.30 – 17.30

However, we can offer an early morning start (08.00 – 08.30), and a late session (17.30 – 18.00), if required, at an extra cost.

Parents are reminded that our registration only allows us to have children on the premises between these times; therefore parents are requested to adhere to these times. The nursery reserves the right to charge a late collection fee of £5 per 15 minutes, or part thereof, for children remaining at nursery after 18.00hrs.

If any other person other than a parent is collecting a child, we MUST be informed whom that person is, and they will be required to show a form of I D and password prior to collection of the child.

Early Years Grant Funded Education (15 or 30 hours) sessions are available between the hours of 08.30 and 15.30, Monday to Friday, if your child is eligible.


It is important for the nursery to be notified if your child is to be absent.
This can be done by phoning your nursery.


The nursery is open 51 weeks a year. It will be closed on statutory bank holidays and 1 (one) week at Christmas. Half fees are charged for both full and part-time children for weeks shortened by bank holidays, or we will try to offer you an alternative session.


Fees must be paid 2 (two) weeks in advance on a Monday or the first day of attendance unless by prior arrangement. If your child is absent for a full week then half fees must be paid as the cost of staff, heating etc. have to be met. There will be no reduction for part weeks your child is absent. Fees will be reviewed annually; parents will be informed of any changes in advance. Fees may be paid in cash, childcare vouchers, tax free childcare, BACS or by cheque. If you should experience difficulty in paying your fees, you must speak to the nursery manager immediately, so that we can agree a payment plan. Failure to do so will result in an arrears charge of £5 per week being added to the outstanding amount.


Any child with a doubtful rash, sore throat or discharge from the eye, should be kept at home until a doctor has certified the child well. In cases of diarrhoea and/or vomiting your child cannot return to the nursery until they have been symptom free for 48hrs. Should a child become sick at the nursery every effort will be made to contact the parents. Please make sure we know where to contact you during nursery hours. We reserve the right to remove the child to hospital in an emergency. Medicines are not administered at the nursery unless the parent is prepared to provide clear written instructions for dosage etc.


When weather permits children will be taken outside so clothing must be suitable. All children should be provided with a pair of soft shoes/slippers in a bag, which can be hung with their coat on a peg provided. Please mark your child’s name on clothing etc.

Babies will need to be provided with nappies and a change of clothing each day.

Articles are left at the nursery at the owners risk.


Children are not to bring jewellery, money or other valuables to the nursery. Chuckles Nurseries cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of any item belonging to the public on the premises, this includes childrens toys, clothes, buggies and parents motor vehicles.


Full day children will be provided with a freshly cooked lunch, unless you wish to provide a packed lunch. We attempt to provide a varied diet. The menu is displayed in the nursery. All children will have a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Please inform us if your child should not be given certain foods or drinks. Children are not to bring sweets, chocolate, squash or fizzy drinks to the nursery.


We require at least 4 (four) weeks written notice of your intention to leave. We are concerned for the happiness of your child. We reserve the right to remove a child from the nursery for any breach of the terms and conditions. We also reserve the right to terminate any childs enrolment or restrict access to parent/carer/guardian or child, at any time without notice, in consideration of the protection of other children and staff, and the well-being and smooth operation of the nursery. Any disruption caused by a parent or child that is deemed inappropriate or not conducive to a nursery environment, or undermines the reputation of the nursery, or its staff, will be cause for termination at the discretion of the manager.


A deposit of £100 will be required to secure all advance bookings. This will be fully refunded off of your final month’s fees, less any outstanding arrears due to nursery, if applicable. The deposit is non-refundable if you fail to take up your pre-booked place.


Chuckles Nurseries Limited are unable to offer any refunds or compensation for closure or suspension of nursery activities as a result of third party action, such as fire, flood or inclement weather.